I just wanted to write a quick note to extend my enormous appreciation for your work and your ability to establish a positive foundation in my emotional healing journey in just a couple of hours. I came to your emotional healing workshop not knowing what to expect. I felt as soon as I met you that your open smile and calm demeanor put me at ease and allowed me to flow at my own pace.

Although I’m generally a skeptic when it comes to traditional talk therapy, I was immediately impressed by your approach and experience when I realized that you are tapping into a different kind of healing work, one that’s focused on being conscious of the body’s responses to stress. I’ve always intuited that my irregular breathing and physical tensions harbor stressful experiences as a subconscious memory, kind of like deeply triggered muscle memory, but I never thought that the resolution could come from a pleasant mind-body healing session like you showed me.

Thankfully, it’s just very easy to fall into trust with you and most importantly with myself through your guidance. Since the imagery techniques brought me to a secure headspace, I was able to face the darker experiences clenched in my body and work them through with safe and healing awareness.
— Monica - New York

I recently had the opportunity to do therapy with Dovid Meshchaninov. We met for only two sessions and I can honestly say that each session was an incredibly powerful and healing experience. Dovid is a warm caring person, someone with whom I felt completely safe.
— Avi Z
Working with Dovie was truly both a novel and transformative experience for me. I used to think that the only way to ‘’resolve’’ my issues was by means of speaking about them and analyzing them. I have now learned that through awareness of my body’s state of being, I am able to be even more in touch with what I’m actually experiencing or feeling as a result of past experiences or issues. I can honestly say that with the help of this new prism I am feeling healthier, and more in control of my mood and inner state than ever before. The atmosphere Dovie brings is one of serenity and calm. Working with him and integrating body and mind has been a path towards clarity and healing.
— Avromi-Los Angeles

Dovid’s combination of holistic mind-body technique with a down to earth approach provides a unique experience to anyone in search of healing. After working with Dovid, I now have a different perspective on how my mind and body relate to each other through an emotional framework. I highly recommend Dovid if you are looking to do any emotional work or just experience yourself more deeply.
— Zach Klien

Dovid is a thoughtful and intelligent healer who possesses a natural grasp for the mind-body connection. He is gifted at gently uncovering topics that are causing stress, exploring their impact on emotional and physical health, and facilitating the healing process. Our sessions have made me more fully aware of the importance of a healthy nervous system and are helping me achieve a deeper sense of calm. I recommend Dovid for anyone who is looking to improve their nervous system health, especially following sustained periods of high stress.
— D.L. -Los Angeles

Dovid gave me an entirely new appreciation for myself and my body. I learned that I have an internal bio metric rhythm that is affected by my thoughts, emotions, and experiences. I now understand that the key to my health and sense of well-being lies in connecting to this rhythm and experiencing life from a more “embodied” standpoint. I came away from the session refreshed, relaxed, feeling good, and deeply curious to learn more. I definitely recommend Dovid if you are looking to do any emotional work or just experience life more fully and joyfully.
— Dan Berry

I was skeptical about Cranio- Sacral therapy at first, but Dovid is so gentle and informative that all my concerns were alleviated and my questions were answered early on. It’s really amazing – with barely any pressure at all, Dovid made my muscles feel looser and helped me feel overall in better balance. The way I see it now, massage can have short-term results while Cranio- Sacral, is able to go to the core and achieve long term results. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Cranio- Sacral therapy and hasn’t had much success in other areas, make an appointment with Dovid and see for yourself!
— Ariel Nishli