One on One Therapy:

Anxiety, trauma, and emotional pain are facts of life. But they can be overcome and you don't need to suffer alone.

Here's the good news:

I understand your pain and frustration.

I know that it is not easy to feel the way you do and perhaps you can’t even see a way out or how you can shift the way you feel.

But I’m here to tell you can shift your emotional blocks and pain.

You can get passed your emotional numbness, stress, and or anxiety.

You can reach a place where your mind feels calm and isn't constantly racing.

However, there is no need for you to spend endless years trying to figure it out by yourself.

Using the gift of a holistic mind-body approach I’m here to help you achieve the results that have been elusive until now. 

I can’t wait for the opportunity to guide and support you with compassion, sensitivity, and skill.

Using my in-depth training in human psychology combined with my training in mind-body modalities I'll guide you to get the upper hand on the issues overwhelming your life and sabotaging your happiness. I have helped many clients achieve a sense of clarity, balance and inner peace that they previously thought out of reach, and I am confident that I can help you as well.

What is mind-body psychotherapy?

Mind-body psychotherapy, otherwise known as Somatic Psychotherapy, is a holistic approach towards therapy that works with all parts of a client, both mind and body in order to achieve the most effective results. When therapy is just conducted in the realm of analysis or cognition clients can gain insight into their lives and become more self aware. However, there frequently is a sense that something is missing and a deeper approach is needed to achieve full relief. Mind-body psychotherapy, is that approach.

Some core elements of this approach:

  • It is more experiential than analytical. For real change to take place it is not enough just to “know” something. Your body and brain need to feel this new truth on a tangible and experiential level for it to become “your truth.” If a child frequently didn’t feel safe in their home, even if now as an adult they “know” that they are safe, some part of them might still feel unsafe. Through working on a mind-body level, we can help them, in real time, experience new senses of safety that begin to rewrite how they feel in their body and the world.

  • We work from the inside-out instead of the outside-in. With plain talk therapy, sessions are limited to whatever is brought up by the conscious awareness of the client. However, frequently there are important issues or memories that have been forgotten or suppressed that are not easily accessible by one’s conscious awareness. Through helping a client “drop” into their body they can now access the full range of information needed for their healing.

  • There is a focus on the nervous system and its integral role in mental and emotional health. After one has processed a past trauma or painful event intellectually, they still might not find much actual relief. This is because their nervous system is still affected by what happened and cognitive processing doesn’t address the language of the nervous system. By working on an embodied, mindful and experiential level we, we speak the language of the nervous system and help it move from anxiety, hyperalertness, and/or shut down to balance, resiliency, and health.

Please see the FAQ sections of Craniosacral Therapy and Somatic Experiencing to read more about the proven, cutting edge techniques I use to help you achieve the results you're hoping for.

My first priority is to create a safe, compassionate and non judgmental environment to explore the issues that you are struggling with. Each of us is complex and it is important to take into account all the elements that can effect one's situation. During each session I take into account emotional, mental, spiritual, relational and nervous system elements that may be affecting my client. I also focus on the interconnectedness of the mind and the nervous system and help clients achieve deep resolution through getting in touch with how their bodies holds emotions and issues. 

During our session we will focus on whatever you are struggling with in your life. Some sessions may include a combination of discussion, somatic interventions, and touch work. Other sessions may consist of just touch work or just discussion. We will do whatever best facilitates your healing process at the time. 

Here are some of the tools that I use during sessions:

1. Craniosacral Therapy: An amazing light touch modality to help clients drop more deeply into themselves and work through a wide range of issues. Some of these issues include, trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, back and neck pain, stomach pain, migraines and headaches. 

2. Somatic Experiencing and Organic Intelligence: An amazing holistic approach that helps clients process what they are going through while taking into account the body and nervous system. This can be done on the massage table or sitting opposite the practitioner.

3. Discussion and Talk Therapy: A very important piece to the puzzle. Some examples of what we may cover include: Becoming more conscious of the issues and feelings that you are struggling with, understanding how your past is influencing your current reality and becoming aware of lens that you are viewing the world through.

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Still have questions? No problem, set up a free 15 minute call with me here

What you will get out of working together:

  • Less stress and anxiety through developing nervous system balance and resilience.
  • An increased ability to create loving and meaningful relationships.
  • A greater sense of being present to fully appreciate and enjoy the life around you.
  • Increased insight into your struggles and problems.
  • More in touch with your emotions and feelings.
  • Awareness of what you need to do to consistently maintain your emotional balance.