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Come join a special workshop where you will learn how to achieve emotional healing and balance from a mind-body perspective.


This is for you if:

You are looking for a deep and effective approach to help you with emotional blocks and challenges?

You are looking for a healing that is deeper and more holistic than regular talk therapy.

Your mind is running on overdrive and keeping you from enjoying the life around you.

So many people are walking around with stress, anxiety, and depression and frequently they can overcome these issues through using a mind-body approach.

The secret to a mind-body approach is that it helps one release from their body and nervous system the stress or experiences that are holding them back from feeling the way they would like to feel. This can never happen through just talking alone.

Even after one’s mind moved on from challenging or overwhelming experiences their body often times still "holds" the emotions and stress from those events. Healing on "body" level allows for the complete release and healing of one’s experiences.

Come find out how!

Personally, I had a lot of self awareness and insight, but it was not until I was able to experience healing on the mind-body level that I was finally able to feel that I was not weighed down by my past negative experiences.

During the workshop we will go through easy guided meditations so participants will be able to experience how the mind-body approach can help them achieve emotional healing and balance.

Lastly, everyone will leave with easy tools to begin using these techniques in their lives so that they can have a better chance at emotional self-care and well-being.

Here are a few of the points we will cover in the workshop: 

·         What is a mind-body approach and why it is so important.

·         How it can help issues such as stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, racing thoughts.

·         How one can more deeply connect with themselves and then others.

·         What we can learn from the wild about overcoming stress and trauma.

·         How to bypass the analytical brain so the body and nervous system can begin     healing.

·         Specific tools to begin working on your emotional self-care and well-being!

·         How I work with my clients and the specific packages that I offer

Cost $15.00