Travailing and vacations are the sweet parts of life and I look forward to them throughout the year. 

However, often times what is not spoken about is the stress and challenges that comes along with traveling. 

Currently I am on a trip with my wife and two year old daughter. I have been looking forward to this trip for a long time but the stress of flying half way across the world and adjusting to a whole new place definitely took its toll on me.

The first night that we landed I was REALLY REALLY wound up, my mind was racing, and I could barely sleep.  

I needed some powerful self care tools to help me find my center again and let go of the anxiety and stress that I was holding. 

In this audio I share with you a powerful trick (that I desperately needed and used while on this trip ) to help me quickly find my center again, release stress from my nervous system and help me feel ready to actually enjoy my life and vacation. 

I have so much in my heart to share and there is so much more to come. Please share this post to spread this message and help me bring more healing goodness to others.