I want to let you all know something.

Today I am standing for the dream that you may have given up on.
Today I am standing for what I know to be true, have found, have lost, and keep fighting for each day.

I am standing for the possibility of each one of you feeling truly alive, truly high on life, and feeling true happiness.

If you are experiencing life from the outside, if you have resigned to just coping and getting through,

if you gave up on the dream that life can actually be just freakin awesome, that life can fully light you up and just make your heart burst with its beauty and sweetness then you have given up on a dream that should not have been given up on.

I get it, life hits us down, and often times it hits hard.

Maybe you had troubles growing up or have troubles with finances, troubles with relationships or divorce, troubles with religion or finding your way and purpose in life.

I’ve been there, I’ve been hit down and at times for a long time. But today I so strongly believe I can reach the beauty that I know is out there.

I’m not saying it is going to be easy and I am not saying it won’t require a constant effort or that you will never lose your footing.

I am saying keep fighting; keep dreaming, keep believing you can get there.

I’m here to tell you if you resigned to just getting through life, if you resigned to just surviving, if you gave up on the fact that you, truly you, can actually be going through life feeling a deep sense of wholeness, aliveness, and contentment, then you gotta reconsider.

I know it takes work and I know it takes healing.

Before we can soar we need to deal with the weight holding us down. Before we can cry tears of happiness we need to find and cry our tears of pain.

But don’t convince yourself it is unattainable, please don’t listen to the voice that says you can’t get there.

Your challenges may have been powerful and you may have been badly hurt and broken.

But behind the pain is the power to help you go beyond just healing.

Power to help you go beyond just managing.

You can reach a place of truly feeling the beauty of life,

Of fully being in the moment,

Of being present,

Of being filled with the power and magic of life,

Of feeling the beauty of being alive.

Don’t settle for the constant subtle inner pain and frustration of knowing your living but missing something.

Don’t be convinced by the voice that says “I’ve tried for so long and so many different ways, how could it ever truly change.”

I’m taking a stand because I know you can have a different future and I want you to have it.

I’m letting you know despite how distant or unachievable it may seem now, you can be free, you can be fully alive, and you can be truly happy.

A happiness that you don’t need to convince yourself of, but that comes from the freedom and sweetness of working through your baggage and fighting the epic fight of leaping beyond survival into actual living and aliveness.

Believe that it is there. Believe that it is attainable for you. Believe it is just around the corner. I promise you will find it.


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