I remember as a teenager having really helpful insights into life. I had insights related to spirituality, relationships, my inner emotional make up and others. The thing was, these insights didn't come through any specific conscious effort on my part. It felt more like they were a gift that organically came from the conditions that my mind, body and spirit were living in. 

I remember thinking of these insights as pearls that would drop into my mind. Perhaps, I had the image of a pearl because it develops naturally in the ocean without any active effort to create it. It is a by-product of it's environment.  

Anyways, what can we do to help create the right conditions for our inner pearls to form and come to us?

The answer totally has to do with creating WHITE SPACE in your life!

White space is time in your day or week when you have no agenda or scheduled event. It is time that you step out of your daily schedule and create space that allows your inner self to process and digest all that it already has.

It is a time of listening instead of learning. It is letting things grow instead of trying to create them. It is letting go and watching something you didn't even know you had formulate and appear inside of you. 

In today's modern day age of stress and responsibility it can feel so wrong to step away and create white space. It can feel wrong to stop actively trying to figure something out or force an answer to come. 

But what if by stepping back you can get there even quicker?

Check out the short audio above and see what white space is all about. 

I have so much in my heart to share and there is so much more to come. Please share this audio and keep the goodness flowing. Peace