Here's the deal. To truly be alive we need to challenge ourselves to get out of our "auto pilot/numb/frozen mode" and open up to feeling the fullness of life and its beauty. However, part of the deal is that now you will also feel more painfully when you are off kilter and not in touch with that beauty. Now you will feel more powerfully your own deficiencies and how they are holding you back from that very aliveness. Now you will feel the loss of that beauty more deeply. 

But listen here. That's all a good thing!

When you allow yourself to feel the pain and frustration of your circumstances you also ensure that you stay emotionally alive. You ensure that when you do break through that challenge or painful life process you will experience the relief and aliveness that comes with it. You will ensure that you stay in touch with your inner process and stay connected to your inner compass which will guide you through this challenge. 

It is so important not to numb out from our challenges. Fight not to lose touch with the fullness of who you are or the rawness of your full emotional expression. Even if you find yourself so far from your true aliveness and happiness, stay connected to your full self with everything you got. Staying connected will make the pain sharper, as you will feel  the dissonance of where you are and where you know you can be. However, staying connected will keep you in the game of true living and will ensure that you are just one step away from breakthrough. 

Listen to the five minute audio, its gonna be great!

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