Hear me share my personal story starting at minute 5:00.

Here's the deal. During each person's early developmental process there is an experience that causes them to feel that they are not fine just the way we are. The person now feels (consciously or subconsciously) that something is wrong with them that they need to overcome. They now need to prove to themselves (and sometimes others) that in fact they are lovable, capable, independent, worthy, or anything else that they feel they are deficient in. 

In other words, a wound is made to the core ego. No longer is the person just experiencing life in the moment. No longer do they feel so whole that they aren't even distracted by themselves. No longer are they able to just freely engage with the world. There is now a sense that they need to prove something; prove that they really are O.k. deep down. 

Think about a young child that is maybe two or three years old. They live totally and fully in the moment. There is no sense that they need to be living to prove anything. They are not thinking "If only I can learn how to walk and jump, then I'll finally know that I am O.K and can feel good about myself."

For child, a failure is as rewarding as a success. Before the core ego is broken there is nothing to prove. A success doesn't prove your self-worth and a failure doesn't disprove it either.

There is no harshness, there is no competition. There is just unconditional love to the self without needing to earn it.

So what the heck can you do about your wounded ego?

During my own therapeutic process I become aware of how so many of my struggles came from my perceived sense of deficiency. I lost sight of how I wanted to be in the world and felt I needed to measure up to someone else's success. 

But what if it is all just a paper tiger! 
What if you could actually believe that in truth you don't have to prove anything to yourself or the world.
What if you are already whole, beautiful and as impressive as you need to be? 

This is not feel good new age stuff. 

Truly imagine if you can move through the world not because of a deep sense of deficiency but just out of a true love or calling to what you are doing. 

Here's the best part. As soon as you can stop obsessing about your own worth you are suddenly available to experience the beauty of the world. When you allow yourself to feel that truly you are not deficient then you are open to lovingly connect to others. You can now focus outwards, naturally you would want to praise G-d and enjoy the beauty of the world.

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