In this short clip (8 minuets total) I get into the head space needed to take life from a mundane two dimensional experience into an experience that is alive, happy and inspiring.   

It is so easy to get into a pattern of surviving and "getting through." As life moves on and our responsibility rise, the self that truly lights you up and makes you feel like your most authentic self can easily fade away into a distant memory. 


Lets talk about having courage to keep stretching our selves to live bigger, brighter and more. Lets talk about getting out of situations that work or are comfortable but are holding us back from our energetic, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual best selves.

Let's talk that you should dream big and believe that you can experience and live the brightest version of yourself.    

If there was a time when you remember being more alive, more real or more aligned with your authentic self, don't give up on that. Fight for it now, even if you know you will not reclaim it right away.

If you never found such a space, know that it is the most noble mission to be looking for it.  

Listen to the audio, it will be mad fun!

I have so much in my heart to share and there is so much more to come. Share this audio to spread the message and help bring more awesomeness to others!