Hey there, I'm so totally passionate about helping people achieve the emotional healing and breakthrough that they are after.


Here's My Story

Before we start, I'm  Dovid Meshchaninov (That's pronounced – MEH-SHA-NEE-NOV)

O.K., a few years ago I was in a very different place than I am today. I remember celebrating one of my birthdays and feeling so broken and unclear as to how I would ever get past the pain and emotional struggles that I was experiencing.  I could not see myself being able to successfully build my life or attain the level of well-being and happiness that I wanted and new I could attain. 

I considered standard therapy but after a few unsuccessful attempts I knew that more awareness is not what I needed. 

I needed something deeper. I desperately needed something deeper.  

My breakthrough came when I fully invested in working with an amazingly talented mind-body practitioner. The mind-body approach allowed for the full release and healing of my emotions.

I learned that I didn’t need as much to “figure out” what was wrong with me as to experience letting go and feeling myself and emotions more deeply. Working together I was finally able to birth through the shell of my past pain and experience levels of happiness and calm that I never imagined. 

I spent the next couple of years learning everything I could about mind-body emotional healing. This included a three year masters in clinical psychology, a year long mind-body psychotherapy program, and advanced training in Somatic Experiencing® and Craniosacral Therapy (see full bio below)

Here’s how I see it:

In order to live the life we were meant to live we need to heal.

Comforts such as a nice house, car and clothes just don't cut it if you are constantly feeling emotional pain or numbness.

Think about this. Have you recently walked outside on a exquisitely beautiful day, but you just had no space in your mind or heart to stop and appreciate it?

A few years ago I made a commitment to do everything in my power not to live such a life. A commitment to put my emotional well-being at the forefront of my priorities. 

My commitment turned out to be the best decision I could have ever made. Today, I live a life that is truly amazing. I am blessed with a beautiful wife and daughter, I have a practice that I love, and I have time and mental energy to enjoy the awesome outdoors and weather of California. Most importantly I feel grounded and psyched for life and I have the tools to manage the stress and emotional challenges that life dutifully sends.


Working together I'll help you understand yourself more deeply and work through any issues, traumas or stresses that are holding you back. I know you can live the life you were meant to and I know you can get past whatever is holding you down.


I am a mind-body practitioner with a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology. I am the creator of My Emotional Self-Care, a groundbreaking course for emotional self-care and well-being. I trained in Reidman College’s Mind-Body Psychotherapy program and have over two years of training in Somatic Experiencing and CranioSacral Therapy; both of which are cutting edge modalities for working with anxiety and achieving emotional healing from a deep and integrated place. I am also certified as clergy. I combine my life experience, education, and intuition and incorporate talk and touch techniques to make sure my clients achieve maximum results.

I am also a speaker and advocate for living life with awareness and perusing emotional healing from a mind-body integrated perspective.

More about me:

  • I am a deeply spiritual person; my desire to live a meaningful and spiritual life inspires my decisions, goals, and service to others.
  • I am so blessed to be married to the most amazing, nurturing, and beautiful wife ever!
  • I am the proud father of my daughter, really the most precious and beautiful thing out there.
  • I believe passionately in self-work and personal growth and that the best investment we can make is in our own emotional healing.
  • I love dancing, ideally in nature, and especially when the moment is spontaneous and the moves are made up.
  • I love praying earnestly and passionately and do my best to connect to and serve G-d each day.
  • I love encouraging myself to live fully and be myself: like dancing in a field or meditating on the side of a road.
  • Meditating, stretching, fitness, hikes, you got it…those are my friends.
  • I am currently living in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California.

Here's some of my soul before we wrap up:

Imagine sitting among a casual group of friends. Some of the them you may know well and some of them you perhaps just met. Now what would happen when your mind and eyes begin to wander loosely around the room? What would catch your attention? 

When I look around, I see faces and stories. I see faces that bear the ups and downs of life. I see faces painted with stories of delight and happiness but also confusion and pain, sometimes all of these at once. The ones that catch my eye the longest are the ones whose faces bare a struggle. Maybe it shows in their eyes, their posture, their mannerisms, or things they choose to say.

Most often I start thinking of what I can say or do that would be appropriate but still meaningful and reassuring? What can I say that would help them feel less alone, less broken? How can I get them into a corner and quietly tell them I am a compassionate practitioner who feels their pain and wants to help alleviate their suffering? Would they even be open to an insight, a loving word a hug? What can I say to let them know that healing is reachable and possible, just not noticeable from where they stand?

Sometimes I get to meet this person again; sometimes I even get to work with them and delicately guide them through all that I hoped to impart to them that day. Other times, they walk away and I am only left with my hopes, prayers and thoughts for their journey.

Either way, there it is, that’s who I am, that how I’m wired.

Wired for compassion, wired to heal, wired to guide.